About Mom's Owie Cream   

The Mom's Owie Cream line of products was developed by Master Herbalist Shalimar Luciano. Drawing from a background of extensive travel and study of Eastern traditions, her formulas were created in response to her own personal health challenges as well as that of others. Throughout the history of her healing practice, she has been presented with very difficult and sometimes hopeless or impossible cases where conventional western medicine did not have answers. Always she has found some way to help others, and her success rate is extremely high.


Much respected for her expertise, Shalimar has been in private practice as an herbalist/healer for 32 years. Her ability as a Medical Intuitive is acute. The formulas created by her are an unusual collection of remedies. Prepared in a holistic way and evolving in an organic manner, these remedies honor the respect and understanding of the plant world, and how the healing virtues of the plants can blend into and support better functioning of the human body to heal itself.


The formulas resemble ancient Alchemical preparations from time honored traditions, but have a wide appeal and huge potential in today’s market. Many of them cross over between cosmetic and medical application. All of the remedies have been developed in response to a need by someone with a health care issue, and all of the preparations have been successfully used by both clients in her practice of 32 years and customers of her retail store of 18 years. Her retail store Rituals flourished on Coast Village Road in Montecito, California. 


Shalimar now lives in Beverly Hills and can be contacted through our contact form.

Shalimar Luciano

Master Herbalist


creator of moms owie cream